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World economics is an enormous subject and one for which governments, corporations, and NGO’s alike require data. We aim to supply a forum that allows interested parties to access economic data both online and via events. click for more information

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Nearly all of the top producing countries make available their nation's economic data in an effort to promote exports and garner trust in their country's economic stability and potential for growth. Such reporting government bodies include:

North America

USA: United States Commercial Service and Foreign Agricultural Service
Canada: Export Development Canada and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


France: Ubifrance
UK: UK Trade & Investment


Hong Kong: Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Japan: Japan External Trade Organization

Australia: Austrade
New Zealand: New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

Annual lists of the Gross Domestic Product of the world's major economic powers is also available publicly and can be found in a variety of formats from a number of publishers.

ECD aims to bring you the aggregated data in a format that you can use in making business, financial and investment decisions. We will soon be publishing a series of white papers, launching regular newsletters and hosting conferences focussed on economics and commerce for a modern world. We hope to see you there.